Pump Up Your Wedding Reception With These Fun Entertainment Options

As much as the wedding is your special day, you also don’t want to bore the guests to death. You don’t have to spend a fortune on making your wedding fun and memorable. There are so many wedding entertainment ideas that you’ve never heard of and are worth exploring.

Unique Wedding Bands

You can make the wedding entertainment by giving dance lessons at the reception. It could be a reflection of your personality or your family’s heritage. You don’t want to be giving random dance lessons without any purpose or meaning. The same applies to music. It could be a sing-along or music that means something deep for you and your spouse. You could also incorporate dueling pianos to provide variety for the guests. Another fun idea is to bring in a wedding tribute band that can pump out music that’s not normally expected at a wedding reception, but can deliver dance music all the same.

Bring Out Your Inner Kid

If you still dream about doing something from when you were a child, a wedding could be the perfect opportunity to actualize the dream. You could have a game room with all the different assortment of games you played as a child. It will be hard to forget such a wedding with all the wonderful memories created on that day.

Photo Booth

The success of the wedding will be measured by how well you treat the guests. A photo booth is the perfect entertainment alternative for guests who don’t like dancing. There are different types of photo booths and props you could go for depending on the style and location of the wedding. The guests get to interact as they take photos and you can send them home with customized gifts at the end of the day.

Hire A DJ

The DJ you choose could have a bearing on the success of the wedding when it comes to entertainment. He should know how to study the mood of the crowd so as to find the appropriate music to play. Even if you get a band, you should also think about hiring a DJ if you want the party to continue late into the night.

Food and Entertainment

You can step out of the box when it comes to food presentation. You first have to make sure the food is good before you begin any kind of experimentation when it comes to presentation. You could hire a food truck for the end of the party when guests just want snacks or light food. You could also try the reception on a boat with floating cocktails.  You could also incorporate a local delicacy as a treat for the guests.

Fun Photographer

The wedding photographer should have a sense of humor as far as pictures are concerned. You don’t want dull and lifeless photos on one of the most important days of your life. The photographer should have an eye for capturing the right moments and adding a little fun to the photos.

A wedding doesn’t have to monotonous with the same traditional routine. Since it is your special day, you want to make it memorable. Check out for https://www.weddingmusicbands.com/ for more information.