A Guide To Hiring The Right Wedding Band For Your Special Day

Going for a music band is one of the best decisions you can make. Having spent a lot of money in the preparation, you want to make sure you leave a lasting impression of your wedding by incorporating a music band. There are several factors you should take into consideration when you book a wedding band. You don’t want to go for just any band, without a proven reputation, when it comes to performing at weddings.

Research Affordable Wedding Music Bands

The most popular bands can be booked up to 12-18 months in advance and that is why it is recommended you begin the search immediately upon setting a wedding date. While at it, you will need to look at your style of music and the nature of the celebration you would like to experience. You should also keep your guests in mind when looking for a band for your wedding because you’ll want to please them too.

You can start by looking for referrals from other professionals that might have worked with bands in the past. Your wedding or event planner might also have some experience with bands whose specialty is performing at weddings. Entertainment agencies can also act as leads when looking for a wedding band.

Create a Contract

This should be the first thing you do after you’ve identified the band that will perform at your wedding. There is no guarantee that the band you saw performing will be able to do the same for your wedding several months down the line. They might get an even bigger offer on the same day as your wedding day, and having a contract in place will ensure that they do not back out of playing at your event. The contract should include specifics like the date, number of hours they will perform, venue, and other auxiliary services that are expected to be performed by the band. The contract should also include the rates of the services.

Choosing the Songs

As much as you’re concerned about the songs that are going to be performed by the band, you should also be mindful of the guests and the general feel of the party. A competent and experienced band should be trusted to perform the appropriate songs at the appropriate time. The song requests you provide should be in sync with the wedding program. You should think about the music to be played during the different phases of the wedding ceremony. But be aware that experienced live bands know how to read a crowd, what music to play, and when to play it to keep the dance floor packed. So don’t start trying to pick every song the band will play or not play. It’s certainly normal to ask the band to play two or three of your favorites, but don’t start trying to micromanage the band’s set list.

Breaks and Flow

You will also need to discuss the breaks and flow with the band. Ideally, the music should be flowing with minimum interruption. The band could arrange for a DJ to continue playing music when they take a break or during the less eventful parts of the wedding ceremony.

Finding the Perfect Harmony

The band you choose should be able to set and dictate the music for the party the way you’ve envisioned. Look for a band that loves what they do and everything else will fall into place. Great music will create memorable moments that last forever. For more information on choosing a band, you can check out https://www.weddingmusicbands.com/.