Highly Acclaimed Gypsy Jazz Wedding Band

Our popular and talented Gypsy Jazz Wedding Band is the perfect addition to any wedding reception if you like swing dancing. They specialize in Gypsy jazz, a music style that’s perfect for any event where there’s swing dancing involved; a style of music that was made popular by Django Reinhardt back in the 1930s. This collection of incredible musicians adds their own “Gypsy jazz” twist to a wide variety of American Standards, turning them into catchy dance tunes that keep the crowd energy flowing throughout. If your guest like to dance, they’ll love our Gypsy Jazz Wedding Band.

Wedding Gypsy Jazz Band

Upbeat Wedding Jazz Music for Swing Dancing

Audiences delight to the melting pot of sounds created by this fabulous Gypsy jazz wedding band. Adding energy and excitement to receptions and parties through uplifting and upbeat music is what it’s all about for this hot ensemble of studio musicians. With a stand-up bass and jazz guitarist relentlessly driving the rhythm forward, with intermittent, stunning solos from the horn musicians, they create a mood that always thrills a crowd. For an exciting night of jazz and swing music, this is a band that will not disappoint.