Emerald Electric Strings | Acclaimed Wedding String Quartet

Emerald Electric Strings is just plain “WOW!” No doubt about it. This popular wedding string quartet blows away audiences with their unique sound, a blending of everyone’s favorite pop tunes with the complex sounds of classical music. If you like Macklemore, Led Zeppelin, and Michael Jackson, you’re going to love the original, cutting-edge arrangements that the Emerald Wedding String Quartet has created. If you want to treat your guests to music entertainment that’s trendy, fresh, sophisticated, classy, romantic, and wow, it’s time to put this wedding ensemble on your “to invite” list.

I loved them from the first time I saw their video on YouTube but wasn’t sure they would have the appeal to such a diverse group, especially as placed in the informal part of the evening. But the fact is that they were absolutely the highlight of the night. I had more positive feedback and inquiries on them and their upbeat popular rock/everything mashups than I would have ever imagined. The most often asked question of the night was where I found out about them and where were they from. The party received them 100% the way I was hoping they would receive them…absolutely fantastic and memorable!!!” – Gary Shiffman, Detroit, MI, Father of the bride

Along with four classically-trained string musicians and a DJ to provide stunning audio effects and background music, you can expect to encounter flailing bows and flowing fair. Plus, they provide options to fit your individual needs that include eye-popping visual effects, singers, dancers, and fog machines, all combining to create an incredible audio and visual feast that audiences just can’t enough of.

Emerald Electric Strings for Weddings and Receptions

Wedding Strings for the Ultimate Wedding Experience

Whether you want to hear elegant classical music, attention-getting high energy pop music from decades past, or today’s most popular dance hits, you’ll get all that and more from these skilled musicians. Four virtuosic wedding string musicians, along with a DJ that adds additional sounds that include various instruments and percussion, creating a rich and full sound, is but a small component of their show. With stunning beauty and flashy on-stage performance skills, their delivery is just as mesmerizing as the music they provide.

Remarkable Wedding String Musicians for Weddings & Receptions

Taking their eyes off these impressive musicians and performers is something your guests will not be able to do. Emerald Electric Strings is a wedding ensemble that is revolutionizing the wedding music industry. When you’re in the mood to offer your guests music entertainment that’s a bit out of the ordinary, and yet totally impressive, you can’t go wrong with Emerald Electric Wedding String Quartet.