Charley Jenkins Wedding Country Dance Band

Ever since Charley Jenkins became a finalist on the hit NBC TV series Nashville Star (the country music equivalent to  American Idol), he has become a hot commodity on the country scene. With his exceptional country vocals he beat out over 45,000 competitors, and his new found fame has not gone unnoticed. In addition to appearing on NBC’s Today Show, Charley has been the opening act for such notables as Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes, Kellie Pickler, Lady Antebellum, Lonestar, and Allan Jackson to name a few.

Charley Jenkins Wedding Country Dance Band

Hot Country Cover Band for Wedding Parties

I wanted to thank you and your band for the most amazing and entertaining evening. We just loved having you. You are all so very talented. I couldn’t get enough of your music! I listened to country music all day today while I was cleaning up the party but it was not as fun as watching you work your magic in person. I’m sure you all earned some new fans! So grateful that I found you. You truly made the party the best and most memorable event ever! Folks will be talking about this for years! We have been blown away by this experience.“ – Karen Legan, Event Planner, Redding, CT

High Energy Country Wedding Party Band

Charley Jenkins is one of the hottest country music artists around, ready to turn your wedding day into a magical and memorable experience. Combining his smooth country vocals with some extraordinary guitar skills and flashy showmanship, Charley creates unbelievably entertaining events. Add Charley’s amazing country music band to the mix, comprised of talented musicians in every spot, and you’ve got a high-energy country music extravaganza that always leaves ’em wanting more. Do your guests a favor and invite Charley Jenkins to the party. It’ll be nothing but high energy fun from the first note to the last.